Studio Ligtvoet

How can a poster be a tool for social research? How can design construct flexible systems to support many ways of being and sets of needs? 


A poster that serves as a blueprint for an infinitely interlocking pattern, with moveable puzzle-like parts. The poster encompasses the ideas of a hypothetical studio with the following credo:

In Dutch, Ligtvoet translates to “lightfoot,” and we take as a central motto the idea of treading lightly. This means having a critical consciousness of design as a form of worldbuilding, and therefore being conscious of the footprint we leave on the world. Treading lightly also means being adaptable, being able to pivot quickly in response to changes in technology, globalsociopolitical circumstances or environments, and demands on design/designers. Studio Ligtvoet thus focuses on interactivity and cocreation with a range of human andnonhuman collaborators in speculative, artistic, and applied projects.

We design frameworks and tools to cocreate/cobuild the world we want to see together rather than fixed forms. Ligtvoet is driven by questions, concepts, and treating design as research itself, an ongoing process of discovery, always in progress, partial, and incomplete.

We hope to emulate the comfort of feet floating midair for microseconds when a being walks or runs—comfort in an undefined, uncertain state.

Design as worldbuilding

Design as research

Design as conversation

Physical user experience research: 

Earlier experiments with posters exploring methods of glitching and misusing technology: